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The Time Has finally come

Welcome.. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sean and I have a passion for art, travelling, and meeting new people. From as long as I can remember I was surrounded by art as my grandmother was an oil painter and art instructor.

My day job takes me all over the United States, from our bustling cities to the smallest of towns. During my downtime while travelling for work I frequent local art galleries and shops. I'm always looking for something that will catch my eye, a new gallery or art space and always looking for a good conversation.

I figured the time has come to put my passion into something real, Something I can share with all of you. I am privileged to be able to explore the art scenes around the country and this will be a place that anyone can come an find out the new and exciting goings on in art.

I will be sharing new artists I've discovered, fun and vibrant galleries I've visited and anything else fun that

I can find going on. I will also have guest bloggers sharing their finds and stories, so stay tuned and share this with ANYONE who loves art.


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