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A Magical Evening in La Jolla California

Hey Everyone!

I’ve made past my introductory blog! This week I got to spend a couple days near San Diego, so I thought I spend the evening traipsing around La Jolla. Prior to this year I had known of this little beach town in southern California… But I did NOT know that this was an Art gem of a town. Maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock and it was only me that did not about this.

I cruise into town late afternoon and score a great parking spot (that can be tricky) I had no particular destination in mind so I started wandering. I stroll into Contemporary Gallery of La Jolla and right away

I felt a buzz flowing through this space, I was warmly greeted and immediately felt comfortable. After Walking around for a bit I was struck by a particular piece and

made a comment as such to who I thought was an employee. Turns out it was the artist of the piece Alison Haley Paul. We had such a great conversation, she was in gallery launching her show THAT DAY! I was excited to have dropped in to an artist opening.

Moving on I walk the main drag and pop in and out of several other galleries, looking at pieces from Warhol to Picasso. Then I happen into Artemis La Jolla Gallery, meeting owners Tammy and Christine. They were busy resetting the galley getting ready for Ferrari Friday and a weekend full of events. After chatting a learned these ladies are passionate about art and people. They are also passionate about conservation of our world and wildlife, a portion of sales goes to these efforts. The photography from National Geographic photographers and the original paintings are SO stunning. Be sure to stop in and check it out.

And finally on my way out of town I was able to catch Krista Schumacher at her gallery showcasing her originals and a brand new print release. Upon walking into her gallery I was instantly transported to the warm sunny beaches of southern California as showcased in her work. Her distinct style gives so much for the eyes to take in and wraps you right into her world. I had SUCH a great conversation with her talking about art, business, California and so many other things. I sincerely hope you get to meet her if you ever find yourself hanging out in La Jolla, she’s one of the warmest people I’ve ever met.

As I drove out of town watching the sunset behind me I couldn’t help but feel love for this little beach town. The dozens of art galleries and the buzz here will draw you in and you’ll be wondering when can I come back here?

Farwell, until my next art adventure….

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